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Das Team
Michael Toll

Dr. Peter Koch, Managing Partner

Peter Koch has approximately 25 years of experience in the market and risk management. Beginning in 2005, he served as Head of the borrowing base team of Fortis Bank Germany, today BNP Paribas Germany, largely responsible for the marketing of the product borrowing base for German mid-caps. Previously, he worked in risk management for almost 18 years at ING BHF-Bank, now BHF-Bank, responsible most recently as Head of the Collateral Department for all secured loans within the former BHF-Bank Group.

Since BHF-Bank at that time concentrated on German mid-caps, the working capital as collateral together with the necessary collateral field audits was of utmost importance in structuring cross-border loans between the domestic area and European countries including USA and Canada. As Mr. Koch was also responsible to conduct annual audits in the secured loans portfolio granted by BHF Bank branches in New York, London and Singapore, he also has the necessary international legal background for an examination of collateral held as current assets in internationally secured loans.

Michael Toll

Peter Ritter, Managing Partner

Peter Ritter has more than 20 years of experience in conducting collateral audits in Europe and in USA/Canada, particularly in working capital assets. Having just under six years of employment experience as Head of the borrowing base audit team at Fortis Bank Germany, today BNP Paribas Germany, he was significantly involved in the development of the product Borrowing Base for German mid-caps.

Previously he worked at ING BHF-Bank for more than 16 years, now BHF-Bank, most recently as Head of collateral field audits within the Collateral Department / Credit Risk Management. During this time he conducted more than 1,000 field audits in many different industries. At the same time, Mr. Ritter was also long lasting in charge for the management of collateralized loans in insolvency proceedings and has worked in such capacity in various creditors' committees. Due to his active involvement in non-performing loans and insolvency proceedings it was possible for him to use the results from forced sales to adjust the internal valuation methods, if necessary.

Michael Toll

Michael Toll, Managing Partner

Mr. Toll joined Koch Ritter Lender Services GmbH on 01.01.2016 as Managing Partner and Shareholder.
He previously worked from 2008 to 2015 at Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt. Within these more than seven years he worked on the sales side and contributed considerably in the successful development and implementation, incl. the successful "New Product Process" of the product Borrowing Base Finance.

The structured credit volume of both bilateral and syndicated Borrowing Base Facilities increased during the activity of Mr. Toll steadily disproportionately and amounted to more than EUR 3 billion in a variety of industries at the point of leaving Commerzbank. In addition Mr. Toll was the Head of the Borrowing Base Audit Team at Commerzbank, consisting of 7 auditors. The audits conducted, ranged from both domestic and foreign borrowers in the commodity sector but also in the large and mid-caps sector. Prior to joining Commerzbank AG Mr. Toll can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience in Credit Risk Management and Sales in various functions with German and international banks.

Gerd Bitzinger

Gerd Bitzinger, Diplom-Kaufmann

Mr. Bitzinger is a member of the Team of the Koch Ritter Lender Services GmbH since 01.04.2017.

Gerd Bitzinger has almost 30 years of experience in the fields of Finance and Controlling in industry. As former Head of Finance and Controlling of a medium-sized group company and a holding company with 15 employees in toto, he is familiar with the preparation of financial statements and their review. For the US mother company he worked in the US-GAAP audit team auditing the German subsidiaries.

His daily work included portfolio acquisitions and valuations, contract reviews, liquidity forecasts and the providing of financing for group companies, the interaction with banks and the evaluation of international transfer prices to affiliated companies. In addition, he was involved in the M & A process assessing possible targets and carried out the respective financial company assessments as well as risk analysis thereof. Mr. Bitzinger speaks English and French fluently.

Michael Toll

Yiwen Zhang, Master of Science

Ms. Zhang is a member of the Team of the Koch Ritter Lender Services GmbH, working as a junior auditor since 16.08.2018.

Before starting her career at Koch Ritter Lender Services GmbH Ms. Zhang worked in total 8 months as an intern in various accounting fields in a German and a German/Chinese SME.

Ms. Zhang studied business administration (B.A.) with a focus on accounting at Shandong Agricultural University, China. During her undergraduate period, Mr. Zhang spent two semesters at the Fachhochschule ├ľkonomie und Management, Essen, Germany. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang took a Master Course with focus on controlling and risk management at Siegen University.

Ms. Zhang is a Mandarin-Chinese native speaker. She speaks Germany and English on an advanced level.